Further to posts earlier this year Lisa has, since January, been chasing for a response on the position as to use of carpets (waste) in existing equestrian arenas.  Several emails later (since January!) we have just had this response:

“There is no requirement at present for existing surfaces containing waste carpet to be removed and replaced.

Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) have formed a working group (which includes equestrian surfacing providers) who are developing information/guidance on the management of equestrian surfaces containing waste carpet. This should include information on the management of these surfaces at end of life. If an equestrian surfacing owner is planning to dispose of an equestrian surface then this waste would need to be properly classified and characterised and managed in accordance with the waste duty of care.   We are continuing to liaise with CRUK and will provide our input to the information they produce to ensure it complies with the relevant environmental legislation.

I understand there are circumstances where good quality surfaces are reused, but other surfaces may ultimately need to be disposed of, for example via Energy from Waste or landfill. Given the presence of carpet, those types of surfaces shouldn’t be, for example, spread to agricultural land.”

Hopefully this provides some clarification for those, with existing waste carpet surfaces, who were particularly concerned.