Planning and Valuation are our core areas of work; however, we are also able to provide supporting consultancy and reports which are often required as part of planning applications.  These reports can be provided in conjunction with a planning instruction (which removes the needs fort two consultants which overall assists with costings) or commissioned separately for use within an application perhaps being prepared by another consultant.

Eleni graduated from the Royal Agricultural College (now University) with a Masters degree in Rural Estate Management and qualified through the RICS rural pathway as a Chartered Surveyor where agriculture is a mandatory competency.  She is also a Fellow of the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers, past Chairman of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Agricultural Valuers Association and a present member of Staffordshire Agricultural Valuers Association.

We are, therefore, able to undertake assessments for rural worker/equestrian worker dwellings providing appropriate support demonstrating need for a dwelling taking into account the size of the enterprise, level of activity and matters such as Standard Man Day calculations to calculate labour requirements.

We also undertake general estate management work which can cover a wide range of on-going matters relating to tenancies, valuation, exploration of development opportunities and general support – combining our overarching qualifications and experience to support landowners, trustees and companies as appropriate.  Such support is commonly undertaken alongside legal and tax advisors, and in some cases, existing estate managers where support or a differing skillset is required on an on-going or ad-hoc basis.