We have, on 4th August 2023, launched a public consultation period for a 78.2-acre solar farm, which will include 51,090 panels, and all associated and required infrastructure.  The solar farm will in turn generate up to 27.8 MW of electricity, which will provide well over 3,000 homes within the locality with electricity and go towards the Governments goal of achieving net zero by 2050. Part of this ambition from the Government is to increase the UK’s currently solar capacity fivefold.  In order to do this, sites such as this one are important contributors.

The proposed site is located along the south of the Green road, which is to the south of Brackmills Industrial Estate, and to the North East of Preston Deanery. The site is located (entrance to field) at Grid Ref SP792573. The closest postcode in NN7 2DS.  Letters have been sent in the post to residents with 1000m of the site notifying them of this consultation event and site signage will be erected.

An Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) screening assessment was submitted to the Council last year under reference WNS/2022/1399/SCR.  The decision, made on 2nd September 2022, confirms that the Council considers that the development proposed is NOT EIA development and any planning application need not be accompanied by an Environmental Statement.

Key Dates:

  • 4th August 2023 – Consultation opened;
  • 18th August 2023 – In person event (session 1: 1:30pm – 3.00pm, session 2: 4.00pm – 5:30pm) – Great Houghton Village Hall;
  • 23rd August 2023 – In person event (session 1: 1:30pm – 3.00pm, session 2: 4.00pm – 5:30pm) – Great Houghton Village Hall;
  • 15th September 2023 (which is when the consultation ends) – All comments, thoughts and correspondence to be sent to us by this date.

At the end of this consultation process, a public consultation document summarising the process and feedback received will be produced for submission as part of the overall application.

The documents we are consulting upon can be opened here:

As agents preparing and submitting the application it is our responsibility to source and submit reports from appropriately qualified experts in their respective fields including, but not limited to, ecology, archaeology, noise and landscape. Whilst we can give you overviews, contained within the consultation document, the full technical detail will be consulted upon within the main application period within which there will be a full public consultation.

Where required the appropriate experts who have produced technical reports will be asked to respond to any matters raised, or which require further work or clarification, during the application period in conjunction with any Council requests which we received as agents managing agents.

Any queries, or comments, should be directed to for inclusion.  If anyone has any further queries, or requires further information, please do get in touch via the above email or 0330 0563339.