So, Eleni, what do you do?

One of the most common questions I get: “do you do X or Y planning?”.  The fact people ask this is probably a failure on my part to either explain, or advertise, the areas of work that I get involved in (in truth I really don’t advertise, I am lucky work and people tend to find me through recommendation).  Planning wise my website states, “from permitted development to full applications and everything in between” and this is absolutely true from rural to urban.  On top of this already wide mix there is general rural work and valuation work.

In the last month alone I have submitted applications for:

  • Condition variations to a personal condition restricting use to landowner only;
  • An appeal against a condition placed on full planning consent for a replacement dwelling;
  • Condition discharge applications for landscaping schemes;
  • Four prior notifications for agricultural buildings;
  • A replacement commercial building application;
  • Equestrian indoor arena extension application in the Green Belt;
  • Equestrian stabling and ancillary facilities;
  • New accesses.

On top of this I am preparing applications for:

  • Ancillary farm worker accommodation;
  • Dairy cow housing;
  • Change of use of buildings to holiday lets;
  • Class Q conversions;
  • Condition discharges for varying applications;
  • Householder extensions;
  • Residential outbuildings/art studio and change of use of land to form residential curtilage;
  • New residential schemes.

The above are across seven local authorities with new enquiries stretching from the South East to Denbigh, Manchester and Nottingham.

The above does not include ad-hoc advice (including for a major leisure business), new assessments, a fair amount of valuation work (mainly probate valuation work and valuation of ransom strips to unlock development land), business and estate restructure advice and other work which I undertake in varying capacities.

It is safe to say, therefore, I have come across most things urban and rural of all scales using my dual qualification.  So, if you are stuck and want a fresh perspective or a second opinion do get in touch – I’m always happy to have a chat and see if I can help and will be honest as to timescales if I am busy.

I’m also looking to recruit very shortly so if you want to have a chat about that, get in touch!