Thank you to those who are keeping me busy!

It has been a little while since I last did a news update for my website.  Overall, I was just getting up to date and then a bulk of new work landed and I’ve been back to being rather busy (which is, of course, absolutely fantastic!).  Some of the things I’ve been working on include:

  • Withdrawing a change of use application for offices to a personal training facility and resubmitting it as a Certificate of Lawfulness to take advantage of the changes to the Use Class Order which came into play in the last month;
  • Submission of a barn conversion scheme for five residential units;
  • Condition discharge applications for an equestrian change of use which required a Written Scheme of Investigation and Watching Brief to check for potential archaeological remains and one for the access details for a residential dwelling consent;
  • Working with a group of residents to construct and submit an objection to an application;
  • Submission of two condition variation applications on an industrial warehouse to allow varied occupation within Use Class B2;
  • Submission of pre-application advice for a new residential (infill) dwelling;
  • Submission of an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against conditions placed on a planning approval;
  • Starting to prepare a householder application, for submission this week, for side extensions and a first-floor extension to an existing bungalow;
  • Writing a planning statement to support a replacement residential dwelling in the Green Belt;
  • Informal valuation advice supporting a purchaser of a potential site in the East Midlands;
  • A help to buy valuation for a residential dwelling;
  • Agreed an off-market sale for 2.5 acres of agricultural land for a farming client to an adjoining residential dwelling, prepared the plans and memorandum of sale for solicitors;
  • Advised a client regarding a potential equestrian let at his farm which included a consideration of rental values, planning requirements, agreement length and type and inheritance tax implications.

Then there is the usual checking, chasing etc with other live applications and lots of meetings and fee quotes for new work.  Coming soon are more applications including new agricultural buildings, house extensions, access tracks for sports facilities, certificates of lawfulness for agricultural occupancy condition breaches and expert witness valuation work.  There is lots going on with the varying hats I wear…. I’m even away for work in the next couple weeks as some of my work visits are three and a half hours away from home!

I’ve also been helping a few APC candidates with APC preparation including feedback on submissions, mock interviews and a general “career” chat via Zoom for a postgraduate just starting at Harper Adams.  Its been busy, but I do enjoy this element of helping candidates where I can and time allows.

I will, hopefully later this week, do an update on something which appears to be popping up fairly regularly with some of my planning work which is fallback positions (their use, weight and relevance etc.).

In the meantime, have a great week everyone, and if you do need me please do call or send me an email!