The Equestrian Planning Consultancy – Now Live!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2023!  To start off the year we are finally able to share that Eldnar Consultancy has now launched The Equestrian Planning Consultancy – Equestrian Planning by Equestrian People. This will run alongside our existing work with the second website now live:

The Equestrian Planning Consultancy

A bit like the final contestants in the TV programme Take Me Out we can reveal, as you will see in the About Us, section that out of Beth and Eleni:

– One of us initially learnt to ride on a Shetland pony called Loopy who soon learnt that if she slammed the brakes on, said rider would go over the top of her head and crash head first into the dirt. She knew this would happen every single time she did it;
– The other learnt how to bounce off the floor very quickly (even had a pony that was banished from pony club for being so naughty!) and even won medals for falling off in gymkhana.

Edit – We would like to add, we have improved in riding capability significantly since childhood.

You’ll have to have a look at who is who online but yes, horses – we understand you!

We’ll have a few announcements and general updates in the coming weeks but for now, if you have any equestrian planning work that needs specialist advice get in touch via

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