The UK Planning Profession

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has published its UK Planning Profession in 2019 report which is around twenty pages long.

It is estimated that there are around 22,000 planners currently working in the UK.  Of these numbers around three quarters are members of the RTPI and the planning profession is smaller than many of the other built environment professions.  The number of planners in the UK is, interestingly, around a third of the number of Chartered Surveyors.  The majority of planners are men (around three fifths) and the most common age group is 35-44 and the majority, over half, work in the public sector.

Planning is a massively diverse area of work and can cover everything from a garage building and house extension to an agricultural barn or housing estate for several hundred houses.  Not all “planners” are qualified.  Some planners may well be fabulous with some areas of planning but have no experience with others.  A small, but increasing, number are dual qualified as surveyors and planners (F/MRICS and F/MRTPI) which holds distinct advantages for those wanting a streamlined process on projects which require the skillset of both professions.

When looking for planning assistance, and instructing a professional, make sure you find the right person who is ideally qualified and carries appropriate professional indemnity insurance.  Qualification with the relevant bodies means that members are regulated and have to undertake regular recorded professional development in their area of practice, so they remain up to date.

I am well known for my, sometimes brutal, honesty.  If I can’t help or I think I know someone who would be able to assist you better than I could I will always put you in touch with that person.  You really have nothing to lose when calling me to talk a project or problem through.  Hop over to the contact page to get in touch!