This may seem an odd, if not bold, topic to discuss.  We’re planners, surveyors, valuers, and so much more!  However, as the website says, we may not be a large company, but we believe (and our customers agree – look at our reviews on the website and Trustpilot) that we are one of the very best.  We are one of the very best because of the controls, systems and boundaries we put in place to enable us to work effectively to a high standard for all those we work with.

Eldnar Consultancy undertake a wide range of commissions from large development sites to householder applications, valuations, development appraisals, appeals, objection letters as well as agricultural consultancy and estate management.  Each job is important and Eldnar’s almost unique blend of qualification, accreditation, experience and skill enables us to provide the very best service to our clients across a range of areas.

Planning issues generally take time.  There is no quick fix, so as a client you need to ask, do you want a great job or a quick job?  Eldnar aim to give clients the best chance of a successful outcome in the timeliest and most cost effective way.  We aim to do a great job each and every time.  We don’t do shortcuts or quick fixes which could be detrimental to your projects.  We will not progress matters which we cannot assist with effectively, nor will we submit applications we are certain will fail.  We do not create jobs to create fees.

Eldnar endeavour to respond very quickly both to initial enquiries and ongoing questions and concerns from clients, but we are fortunate enough to have lots of incredible clients, and so ‘instantaneous’ is not always possible! Please be patient, as we will call you back within the timescales we have indicated, and generally we respond to all queries via whatever means within 24 hours.  If any of us are away from the office for a period of time we utilise out of office replies enabling you to re-direct your query if needed as well as preventing you from wondering why no one has replied for a few days.

Clients can help us enormously to provide them with the best service possible.  When quoting Eldnar set out as far as reasonably practicable what the timescales and costs will be with each commission.  These are clearly set out in our fee quote sheets which also offer, where applicable and available, options for upgrades (in terms of speed) for more urgent projects.

Quoted timescales rely on clients booking the work in within a timely manner via return of our fee quote forms.  These can easily be returned electronically using DocuSign.  We also have a clear system of deposit payments required to confirm and schedule work with us.  Work is scheduled in advance and delays in responding may result in your work allocation being delayed and our availability being altered.  Essentially we fee quote and provide availability at the time of writing and work is scheduled on a first come first served basis which is determined through return of signed terms – we cannot, and will not, hold spaces for work open speculatively.

Additionally, timeliness is helped enormously if clients supply any supplementary documentation required as soon as possible after the request has been made.  With some types of work Eldnar is unable to progress without being in possession of the appropriate documentation, and this can cause delays that are beyond our control. Please help us to help you.

Sometimes we are out conducting site visits or have meetings with clients.  Sometimes we even need a day off!  Nonetheless, if there are any developments on clients’ work, rest assured we will contact you by the most appropriate method.  We pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed about the progress of their application or job.

Eldnar take great pride in doing the best job possible for their clients.  Please help us to help you and make our working relationships as efficient and productive as possible.